Friday, October 23, 2009

I Blew It (2009)

This ain't a movie. I had a feeling this might happen. I closed the last two nights at my 2nd job and didn't get home until after midnight each time. I thought about writing something, last night and now, but decided you might actually deserve something half way readable (unlike my review of The Crazies. Sorry George, you deserved better!) So, I'm going to fuck things up a bit and write these reviews when I have time to actually put some effort into them. I'll try not to half ass them too much.

Here's a sampling of some pictures in the pipeline. They might not all get written up. If you definitely want my thoughts on some of them leave a comment. I'll be back. Real soon.

John Carpenter's Village of the Damned
Cabin Fever
Dead & Buried

If there's something not from this list you want me to cover (and I can get it in time), Let me know!


Megmo Eskimo said...

Here are my suggestions for reviews:

1) Cabin Fever since Eli Roth wrote and directed, I'm curious how it is

2)Village of the Damned since it's so bad!

Not on the list:
3) [Rec]

4) Descent (which I've already seen and love but want to read your opinion of)

brian said...

Cabin Fever is a definite. Probably not going to get to [REC]. I saw it about a month ago and liked it enough except that it was pretty much the same movie as Quarantine. Unfortunately, I saw Quarantine first. Yes, it's a remake but it's a remake almost in the sense that Van Zandt's Psycho is a remake of Hitchcock's Psycho. I consider The Descent a great movie so I might find time to slip in a write up.

Also, forgot to mention that I have a movie at home called Girls In Chains. If it qualifies as horror, consider it written up.

brian said...

Let me be clear - Quarantine is the american remake of [REC].

elmo said...

Teeth should bring out the best in your writing- can't wait! Oh, and I hate Descent. Suffering through a girl-power weekend for almost no blood... hell's no, son.